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What is go Lafayette?

GoLafayette is a bold new approach to getting around town. This site helps you make an informed choice for getting where you want to go quickly and sustainably. Just enter your trip start and end point – either specific addresses or select from popular destinations. GoLafayette will dynamically demonstrate the best routes and methods of transportation. It will show your time, distance, calories and CO2 emissions for biking, walking, driving, and even give relevant tips from other Lafayette residents. Getting around has never been easier!

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Did you know… 

Americans use their bike for less than 1% of urban trips. In the Netherlands it’s 30% walking on rough track takes 50% more energy than paved road the maximum speed of BART is 80 mph and there are 104 miles of track if NY drivers used scooters 20% of time, they’d save 52 million lbs of CO2 per year many studies have shown cycling is associated with improved cardiovascular fitness, immune system, waist line, and increased lifespan

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